Trades FAQ

Q. How does Trades Center work?


A. Simple. You just create a free profile, upload your logo, company info, some pictures of your work, and submit! Your profile will now be viewable to people in your area searching for trades contractors to help them with home renovations.


Q. How do I know the reviews on trades profiles are real?


A. We take extra measure to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the reviews posted on profiles using our site. We start by only allowing users to write reviews that have contacted a trades company and been verified by that company as having worked together. Submitted reviews are then ran through a highly technical fraud verification process to eliminate suspicious content. Lastly, reviews are checked by our developers to ensure legitimacy. 

Businesses are free to contest reviews they do not believe are legitimate. Please see our Reviewer Guidelines for more information.


A. We are currently building in profile upgrades that will allow trades businesses to pay a small monthly or yearly subscription fee, allowing them to add more trades categories, keywords, and more project pictures, as well as promoting their profile as “featured trades” that are shown in the top results of their trades category when searched.


Q. What can I do with a free profile?


A.  With a free profile, you are able to upload your contact info, company logo, cover photo, project pictures, and company description. You can also connect with customers and receive requests for work, so you can grow your business for free.


Q. Can anyone leave a review? Can I write a review on my customer’s behalf?


A. Any customer that you have completed a financial transaction with in exchange for services can leave a review. That includes refunds given to customers, they are still able to write reviews. Subcontactors, friends, family, coworkers, or employees are not allowed to write reviews for your company.

You cannot leave a review on behalf of your customer. That wouldn’t be very legitimate, now would it?


Q. How many times can a customer review my company?


A. Each customer is allowed to review your business once per job completed.


Q. What do you do with my customer’s information when they write a review?


A. We only collect your customer’s information for verification purposes. We do not share or sell customer information.


Q. What do I do if  I receive a bad review?


A. Respond in a calm, professional manner. Writing responses to reviews is a great way to show other customers that you care about customer service and care about rectifying the situation. If you do not recognize the customer or believe the review is fake or illegitimate, please contact us at and we will investigate.