Reviewer Guidelines

The integrity of Trades Center is based upon is user reviews. We know how frustrating it can be to hire a small company to renovate your home and be left unsatisfied with the final outcome. We have a special team of moderators to ensure that reviews are accurate and trustworthy, for both home owners and trades businesses. A user cannot review a company unless they have contacted them and agreed to work with the company.

We strongly encourage all our users to submit reviews after they have finished a home renovation project with a company hired with the use of Trades Center. Before you review, please read the following guidelines to ensure your review will be approved:


1) You cannot review a business unless you have worked with them. This means a financial transaction must take place between the homeowner and the trades company.

2) The review must relate to the renovation, improvement, repair, purchase, or construction that was completed by a written contract.

3) Reviews must not include any personal information, such as full names, initials, email addresses, phone number, etc.

4) Reviews must be constructive. Please avoid the use of accusatory and vulgar language. Your review must abide by Canadian Defamation laws. Any reviews containing profanity, threats, defamatory language, prejudice, hate speech, personal content, or other objectionable content will not be permitted.

5) Reviews can only be about the company you had a financial transaction with. Do no mention competitor’s names or other companies in the review.

6) A company can only be reviewed once per job completed. Each review must be about a new project completed.

7) You must have a user profile created to submit a review.

8) Reviews can only be written by past customers, and not other personnel who are/were related or affiliated with the company. Family members, friends, and current or past employees cannot write reviews.

9) Writing reviews in exchange for discounts or incentives is prohibited. Any reviews found to be made under these circumstances will be removed.

10) Reviews cannot contain links or other promotional messages related to other businesses or services.

11) To write a review, or respond to a review on behalf of a trades company, you must be over the age of 18.

12) Trades Center will only remove reviews in violation of these rules with proof of noncompliance, during an investigation, or if they are written by an unverified client.


Please be honest and integral when using our service. The intent here is to foster trust and promote small business within your community. If you believe there are reviews being exchanged for discounts, or other agreements that may negate the integrity of a review, please notify us. These practices impact the user’s ability to write honest reviews based on their actual experience with a company, which disrupts the entire purpose of our website.

If you come across reviews of this nature, please contact us at will all of the relevant information. Thank you.